Ballerina Beauty

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Toujour en Pointe - hi :) ask me anything x

"I don't want dancers who want to dance, i want dancers who have to dance."
-George Balanchine

Soloist Principal Roles-

Odette/Odile: Irina Kosheleva

Prince Siegfried: Victor Lebedev

The Jester Alexey Kuznetsov was fantastic, and Victor Lebedev is only a 20 year old, graduate from the Vaganova Ballet Academy and his career is going to be amazing, absolutely EFFORTLESS!

the ending had a great twist too, Odette and Prince Siegfried ended up happily married and Evil Von Rothbart was killed by Prince Siegfried. i was nearly in tears until the happy ending :’)

Ekaterina Borchenko

Natalia Osipova

Ivan Vasiliev